Buying Is Now an Experience


One of Kate Peterson's slides

One of Kate Peterson’s slides






Think back to your last one-on-one selling experience. Did you connect with the buyer? Did she tell you why she liked your artwork? From what she said, were you able to build value by showing her the piece’s artistry and  telling her the story of its creation? Did the sale seem more an experience for the buyer than a purchase?  If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that the buyer found great joy in the purchase. She will tell her friends and community about her new artwork long into the future.

Listening to Kate Peterson on April 30 at  CRAFT: The Summit at ACRE Las Vegas was a value-filled experience. Her presentation, Retail Consumer Trends, became an excellent tool for the makers and retailers in the audience

Kate told us that buyers are different from the way they used to be. Shopping is a status fix. They want what it does, not what it is. When shopping in person, the consumer is likely looking to enhance his or her personal value.

Are you giving your clients the prestige of buying your work that they are looking for? They want to tell their friends and family about the experience. It doesn’t cost extra to build the value of the sale. We all need brand advocates.


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