How Important are Testimonials?

Do you use testimonials on your website and social media pages? If not, you may be missing a big chunk of money. People are hugely influenced by what their friends, family, and even strangers say.

These Ranier cherries are a good example of what testimonials do. I was at the local big box membership cavern, peering into the fruit cooler. A lady – a complete stranger – floated next to me, grabbed a box of Ranier cherries and said “I used to think red cherries were the best things until I tasted one of these! Buy a box. You’ll see what I mean!”

I’ve been choosing the Raniers ever since.

Testimonials – and samples (although I didn’t sample any that time) – are the best advertising you have.  When a client or buyer is happy with your work or product, she or he talks about it. Why not share that person’s pleasure with your social media readers?

Ask them if you can use their words on your website and in your social media timelines. They will usually be very pleased that you care so much. And their influence will speak volumes to potential clients and buyers. You’ll literally be able to take their praise to the bank.