Start Making Limoncello NOW for Summer Entertaining

No one will mistake me for a chef, but every so often I run across a recipe that sounds so good and so easy that I’ll try it. The King & Prince Beach & Golf Resort‘s Vinny D’Agostino offers this FOUR INGREDIENT recipe for an awesome summer cocktail, Limoncello.

Over the course of a week you’ll need 10 lemons, a liter of vodka, 3 cups of white sugar and 4 cups of water.

This is the microplaner I used and what my "zest" looks like

The first day is the hardest. I didn’t have experience zesting one lemon, much less ten. I have two microplanes. One was too fine to dig into the yellow outer skin of the lemon. So I used my coarse one. I’ll let you know later if that was a mistake. I ended up with mostly yellow skin, but some pith, in my zest.

This is the first time I've aimed for zest. I'm sure they'll look a lot more even after I've had experience

Naked lemons look sad… much like naked 60-year olds, but I digress… I squeezed the juice out of them and will use it in hot tea, lemonade, etc.

I got a big jug of vodka from my local club store. This go-round making Limoncello is purely practice for the gourmet Limoncello I’ll be making soon… And when I’m a pro at Limoncello, I’ll be hitting up my well-stocked local package store for some 13th Colony Distillery’s Southern Vodka as the main ingredient. Make sure your package store carries it!

The next step, after zesting,  is putting the zest into a big glass container, then adding a liter of vodka. Luckily, my ancient measuring cup had a liter level on it. So I had no trouble figuring out how much of the 1.75 liter bottle a liter was. But I did make a little boo-boo.

My glass container wasn’t big enough… thus, the glass mug with a little zest/a little vodka.

My glass jar (right) wasn't quite big enough to hold one liter. The mug (left) is how much I missed the sizing. The Vodka (middle) came in a 1.75 liter container. That's how much vodka is left after a liter is used.

So this is where we are right now. The zest/vodka is infusing. The rest of the recipe, I think, is going to be easy, peasy.

In one week, I’ll be at work again. I’ll combine sugar & water to make syrup, strain, and load up corked bottles for more infusing.

Here’s a copy of the recipe to print and save. Or, if you’d like to work on this along with me, welcome aboard! I’m thinking a potato peeler would be a great step forward instead of the zesting. The thin peels would be perfect to infuse with the vodka, I think. Too late for this round of Limoncello!

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting my progress next week.



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