Thank You Doc & Mrs Davis

100_5845Yesterday was one of those days life didn’t plan… we got to decide what we wanted to do. One of our first stops was the Peachtree Road Farmers Market in Atlanta at the Cathedral of St. Phillip. We’d never been before, and were impressed.

We split up to see the booths, then met accidentally at Doc’s Woodturning booth. Every so often, we find someone who knows exactly how to sell what they create. Both Doc and his wife did it just right.

First, they were both in the booth tidying up. There weren’t any chairs in their booth, so they were on their feet. “Hello!” one said to me, “That bowl is Catalpa wood. Do you know it?” “Yes, I lived in Albuquerque New Mexico when I was a child and we had two Catalpa trees in our front yard,” I returned.

“Then you know about the worms…” Mrs. Davis added. “No, I don’t remember any worms” I returned thoughtfully.

Doc piped up “Oh, yes. Catalpa trees are wormy certain times of the year. We have Catalpa trees in our yard and fishermen come when the worms are out to get them for fishing!”

I admired the Catalpa bowls, then looked up & there was Bill Ronay. He picked up a Black Walnut bowl and exchanged a few words with Mrs. Davis about it being in a set. Bill & I started looking at other bowls. Either Doc or his wife cordially told us about the wood and various striations in the finished pieces.

We settled on two bowls – a Box Elder (pictured above) and a Hackberry (pictured below). Doc told us that the colors in the Box Elder bowl were from little worms who bore into the live tree and deposited their juices. Then he told us he liked Hackberry because the bark of the tree has little knots that he was able to save on the rim of the bowl.

100_5849 What did that do for us? It made us appreciate our purchase AND it gave us a story to tell everyone we show the bowls to.

Doc wrote up our order; and, I whipped out the plastic. He ran it through the Square on his iPad and the receipt texted itself to my cell. He added a written receipt and two business cards, chatting about where he lives – Resaca – and listening to a story about the Civil War re-enactment events we attended last year in Dalton.

Mrs. Davis wrapped the bowls and put them into a sturdy sack with handles. They wished us well and off we went.

It was an excellent buying experience. Doc & Mrs. Davis were friendly, but not pushy. They answered questions, told stories, and gave us information about the pieces we were interested in. They communicated and engaged. We understood that they were passionate about what they do. When we decided what we wanted, they had clean, new wrapping materials, payment equipment and ways for us to get in touch with them later. And they waved to us as we walked out of their little world.

Doc said they come to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market about once a month. Call or email to see when he’ll be there. You’ll enjoy meeting the couple and seeing the woodturnings.

Mike “Doc” Davis
Doc’s Woodturning
4312 Hwy 225 NE
Resaca Georgia 30735


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