Warm Springs Winery

Sign leading the way to Georgia's Newest Winery

Ed Rocereta’s permits are slowly coming in; and he’s able to sell his seven varieties of Fine Muscadine Wines out of his Warm Springs Winery at 7227 Roosevelt Hwy, just a couple miles from downtown Warm Springs.

Yesterday was a perfect day to visit Ed, learn about the Winery, and enjoy the blossoms of spring all over the site. Everywhere we turned was a picture waiting to be snapped.

Ed escorted our group into a small building that put us in mind of a family winery somewhere in Italy. Half the Winery is devoted to the aging and bottling of the wines, and the other half, a tasting bar.

We learned about how Ed adds muscadines, sometimes a batch of Norton grapes or hand-picked blueberries, sugar, and other ingredients, then follows the mixture patiently through its metamorphosis into 10,000 bottles of wine for sale to the Winery’s growing audience.

Warm Springs Winery We were able to taste what he half-jokingly told us would be “White Lightning” the White House White with no sugar straight from the keg. Very crisp. Very dry. And Ed told us about how, during bottling, four workers – shoulder to shoulder in the tight space – bottled, labeled, corked and sealed the lines.

The vineyards, with his burgeoning vines, are directly behind the Winery. Because most of the vines are very young, he buys the muscadine juice from a distributor in South Georgia, too. His Norton grapes come from North Georgia; and, he picks the blueberries himself at a farm nearby. We were both very proud that Warm Springs wines are completely Georgia Made Georgia Grown!

seven varieties of wineAt the tasting bar, Ed placed the wines in a row starting with dry white, and ending with the sweet Blueberry. The White House White is off dry and crisp. Unfinished Portrait, with some Norton grape, is an off dry blush. Lotus Pond White is modestly sweet. He took a few seconds to tell us that his next wine, a semi sweet rose, is named after the soon-to-be-declared official invasive plant of Georgia, “Kudzu” Rose.

Tribute, traditionally sweet with a distinctive Muscadine aroma, is a salute to grandfathers all over Georgia and how they made their home-made wine.

Old Atlanta Red – named because Warm Springs Winery is the closest winery to Atlanta – is a full bodied and sweet. And Blueberry is made, of course, with hand-picked fruit.

The story of each type of wine is on the back label.

The tasting room is opened every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from noon to 6pm. This Sunday, during Spring Fling/Roosevelt Days in town, the Meriwether County Artists Guild will be painting “en plein air” on the Winery grounds and will have art for sale. It isbe a fine time to visit, enjoy the Winery, and take a few of your favorites home with you. Set your GPS to 7227 Roosevelt Hwy, Warm Springs and visit the artists and Ed. They’d love to meet you!