What’s the Deal, Publix?


Greens for money, peas for luck… It’s what Southerners eat on New Year’s Day.  Has been for a long, long time. It’s tradition around here.

Like the good Southerner I am, I went to the local little Publix to stock up.  There was a little issue. I expected bunches of collards in a pile in the vegetable section. That’s the way I’m used to buying them. Nope, not one single bunch of collards. No turnips. Not even kale.

But there were sacks of pre-washed, pre-cut collards. Okay, I’m flexible. I can cope. I picked a sack of collards and a sack of black-eyed peas; and, I paid for them.

I soaked the dry peas in water overnight. And this morning, I grabbed the sack of collards out of the refrigerator and plopped them into a strainer to wash. Hardly a speck of sand or dirt did I see. So this is really much easier. And time efficient. Maybe this is something I could even grow to like.

I put them into the pot. Bill Ronay was reading the cooking instructions. He ALWAYS reads the cooking instructions. (I never do.) But then he saw where these pre-washed, pre-cut collards came from… want to guess?

No, not Florida… not South Georgia… not even South Carolina… Eden Prairie MINNESOTA!

From Middle Georgia where I and my local little Publix are, I can go five minutes in any direction, and find acres of greens. Why do my collards come from Eden Prairie MINNESOTA? Does this make sense? Please tell me Publix, or someone who can figure this out!!!