Who is Your Client/Customer?

Late this afternoon, I was riding over to see some cows on a hill of quail poop, listening to the tail end of a call-in show on a mega-watt radio station. My mouth fell opened when I heard the board operator tell the two hosts that theirs had been one of the tops in numbers of call-ins, that hardly ever did so many folks want to talk to the hosts.

I actually gasped… then thought of a mentor, Judy Randall, someone who knows marketing better than almost anyone. She’s the one who throws her arms up in a circle above her head and hollers to classes of students “WHO IS YOUR UNIVERSE? WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL TO?” She’s told us over and over how important it is to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER!

The radio show board operator stunned me… “More call-ins than he remembers…” translates into more people interested in the program, RIGHT?

Can you guess what the subject of the program was about? Brian Williams? No. ISIS? No. Republicans? No… The hosts were veterinarians. People were calling in to ask about their PETS!

Think about it. This relates to every entrepreneur alive! Are you SURE you know who your customer is? It’s one of the #1 fact a business needs to thrive. Judy would say “Survey folks. Ask them questions about what you need to know to engage them in your business.” Don’t depend on your best guess. Make sure you know who you are selling to, and why!